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Interface: RetryPolicy


Options for retrying Workflows and Activities



Optional backoffCoefficient: number

Coefficient used to calculate the next retry interval. The next retry interval is previous interval multiplied by this coefficient.

minimum 1

default 2


Optional initialInterval: string | number

Interval of the first retry. If coefficient is 1 then it is used for all retries

format ms formatted string or number of milliseconds

default 1 second


Optional maximumAttempts: number

Maximum number of attempts. When exceeded the retries stop even if not expired yet.

minimum 1

default Infinity


Optional maximumInterval: string | number

Maximum interval between retries. Exponential backoff leads to interval increase. This value is the cap of the increase.

default 100x of initialInterval

format ms formatted string or number of milliseconds


Optional nonRetryableErrorTypes: string[]

List of application failures types to not retry.