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Interface: BundleOptions


Options for bundling Workflow code using Webpack



Optional ignoreModules: string[]

List of modules to be excluded from the Workflows bundle.

Use this option when your Workflow code references an import that cannot be used in isolation, e.g. a Node.js built-in module. Modules listed here MUST not be used at runtime.

NOTE: This is an advanced option that should be used with care.


Optional logger: Logger

Optional logger for logging Webpack output


Optional payloadConverterPath: string

Path to a module with a payloadConverter named export. payloadConverter should be an instance of a class that extends DataConverter.


Optional workflowInterceptorModules: string[]

List of modules to import Workflow interceptors from

Modules should export an interceptors variable of type WorkflowInterceptorsFactory.


workflowsPath: string

Path to look up workflows in, any function exported in this path will be registered as a Workflows when the bundle is loaded by a Worker.