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Namespace: proto

This package contains code generated from the Temporal sdk-core protobuf definitions using protobufjs, it is used by the Temporal worker and client packages.

You will most likely never import this package directly.


Core SDK interfaces can be accessed in the coresdk namespace.

import { coresdk } from '@temporalio/proto';
const activityTask: coresdk.activity_task.IActivityTask = { ... };

The source protos are in the sdk-core repo, for example ActivityTask in activity_task.proto.

Temporal Service API

Temporal API interfaces - used to communicate with the Temporal service - can be accessed in the temporal namespace.

import { temporal } from '@temporalio/proto';
const retryPolicy: temporal.api.common.v1.IRetryPolicy = { ... };

The source protos are in sdk-core/protos/api_upstream/temporal/api/, for example RetryPolicy in temporal/api/common/v1/message.proto.

The gRPC service methods are documented in the proto comments and in the corresponding tctl docs.