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Interface: ILocalActivityMarkerData


Properties of a LocalActivityMarkerData.

Implemented by



Optional activityId: null | string

LocalActivityMarkerData activityId


Optional activityType: null | string

LocalActivityMarkerData activityType


Optional attempt: null | number

The number of attempts at execution before we recorded this result. Typically starts at 1, but it is possible to start at a higher number when backing off using a timer.


Optional backoff: null | IDuration

If set, this local activity conceptually is retrying after the specified backoff. Implementation wise, they are really two different LA machines, but with the same type & input. The retry starts with an attempt number > 1.


Optional completeTime: null | ITimestamp

You can think of this as "perceived completion time". It is the time the local activity thought it was when it completed. Which could be different from wall-clock time because of workflow replay. It's the WFT start time + the LA's runtime


Optional originalScheduleTime: null | ITimestamp

The time the LA was originally scheduled (wall clock time). This is used to track schedule-to-close timeouts when timer-based backoffs are used


Optional seq: null | number

LocalActivityMarkerData seq