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Interface: IWorkflowActivation


Properties of a WorkflowActivation.

Implemented by



Optional availableInternalFlags: null | number[]

Internal flags which are available for use by lang. If is_replaying is false, all internal flags may be used. This is not a delta - all previously used flags always appear since this representation is cheap.


Optional buildIdForCurrentTask: null | string

Set to the Build ID of the worker that processed this task, which may be empty. During replay this id may not equal the id of the replaying worker. If not replaying and this worker has a defined Build ID, it will equal that ID. It will also be empty for evict-only activations.


Optional continueAsNewSuggested: null | boolean

Set true if the most recent WFT started event had this suggestion


Optional historyLength: null | number

Current history length as determined by the event id of the most recently processed event. This ensures that the number is always deterministic


Optional historySizeBytes: null | Long

The history size in bytes as of the last WFT started event


Optional isReplaying: null | boolean

Whether or not the activation is replaying past events


Optional jobs: null | IWorkflowActivationJob[]

The things to do upon activating the workflow


Optional runId: null | string

The id of the currently active run of the workflow. Also used as a cache key. There may only ever be one active workflow task (and hence activation) of a run at one time.


Optional timestamp: null | ITimestamp

The current time as understood by the workflow, which is set by workflow task started events