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Interface: IResetOptions


Properties of a ResetOptions.

Implemented by



Optional buildId: null | string

Resets to the first workflow task processed by this build id. If the workflow was not processed by the build id, or the workflow task can't be determined, no reset will be performed. Note that by default, this reset is allowed to be to a prior run in a chain of continue-as-new.


Optional currentRunOnly: null | boolean

If true, limit the reset to only within the current run. (Applies to build_id targets and possibly others in the future.)


Optional firstWorkflowTask: null | IEmpty

Resets to the first workflow task completed or started event.


Optional lastWorkflowTask: null | IEmpty

Resets to the last workflow task completed or started event.


Optional resetReapplyType: null | ResetReapplyType

History event reapply options.


Optional workflowTaskId: null | Long

The id of a specific WORKFLOW_TASK_COMPLETED,WORKFLOW_TASK_TIMED_OUT, WORKFLOW_TASK_FAILED, or WORKFLOW_TASK_STARTED event to reset to. Note that this option doesn't make sense when used as part of a batch request.