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Interface: ISchedulePolicies


Properties of a SchedulePolicies.

Implemented by



Optional catchupWindow: null | IDuration

Policy for catchups: If the Temporal server misses an action due to one or more components being down, and comes back up, the action will be run if the scheduled time is within this window from the current time. This value defaults to one year, and can't be less than 10 seconds.


Optional overlapPolicy: null | ScheduleOverlapPolicy

Policy for overlaps. Note that this can be changed after a schedule has taken some actions, and some changes might produce unintuitive results. In general, the later policy overrides the earlier policy.


Optional pauseOnFailure: null | boolean

If true, and a workflow run fails or times out, turn on "paused". This applies after retry policies: the full chain of retries must fail to trigger a pause here.