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Interface: IScheduleState


Properties of a ScheduleState.

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Optional limitedActions: null | boolean

If limited_actions is true, decrement remaining_actions after each action, and do not take any more scheduled actions if remaining_actions is zero. Actions may still be taken by explicit request (i.e. trigger immediately or backfill). Skipped actions (due to overlap policy) do not count against remaining actions. If a schedule has no more remaining actions, then the schedule will be subject to automatic deletion (after several days).


Optional notes: null | string

Informative human-readable message with contextual notes, e.g. the reason a schedule is paused. The system may overwrite this message on certain conditions, e.g. when pause-on-failure happens.


Optional paused: null | boolean

If true, do not take any actions based on the schedule spec.


Optional remainingActions: null | Long

ScheduleState remainingActions