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Interface: IScheduleActivity


Properties of a ScheduleActivity.

Implemented by



Optional activityId: null | string

ScheduleActivity activityId


Optional activityType: null | string

ScheduleActivity activityType


Optional arguments: null | IPayload[]

Arguments/input to the activity. Called "input" upstream.


Optional cancellationType: null | ActivityCancellationType

Defines how the workflow will wait (or not) for cancellation of the activity to be confirmed


Optional doNotEagerlyExecute: null | boolean

If set, the worker will not tell the service that it can immediately start executing this activity. When unset/default, workers will always attempt to do so if activity execution slots are available.


Optional headers: null | { [k: string]: IPayload; }

ScheduleActivity headers


Optional heartbeatTimeout: null | IDuration

Maximum time allowed between successful worker heartbeats.


Optional retryPolicy: null | IRetryPolicy

Activities are provided by a default retry policy controlled through the service dynamic configuration. Retries are happening up to schedule_to_close_timeout. To disable retries set retry_policy.maximum_attempts to 1.


Optional scheduleToCloseTimeout: null | IDuration

Indicates how long the caller is willing to wait for an activity completion. Limits how long retries will be attempted. Either this or start_to_close_timeout_seconds must be specified. When not specified defaults to the workflow execution timeout.


Optional scheduleToStartTimeout: null | IDuration

Limits time an activity task can stay in a task queue before a worker picks it up. This timeout is always non retryable as all a retry would achieve is to put it back into the same queue. Defaults to schedule_to_close_timeout or workflow execution timeout if not specified.


Optional seq: null | number

Lang's incremental sequence number, used as the operation identifier


Optional startToCloseTimeout: null | IDuration

Maximum time an activity is allowed to execute after a pick up by a worker. This timeout is always retryable. Either this or schedule_to_close_timeout must be specified.


Optional taskQueue: null | string

The name of the task queue to place this activity request in


Optional versioningIntent: null | VersioningIntent

Whether this activity should run on a worker with a compatible build id or not.