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Interface: IScheduleLocalActivity


Properties of a ScheduleLocalActivity.

Implemented by



Optional activityId: null | string

ScheduleLocalActivity activityId


Optional activityType: null | string

ScheduleLocalActivity activityType


Optional arguments: null | IPayload[]

Arguments/input to the activity.


Optional attempt: null | number

Local activities can start with a non-1 attempt, if lang has been told to backoff using a timer before retrying. It should pass the attempt number from a DoBackoff activity resolution.


Optional cancellationType: null | ActivityCancellationType

Defines how the workflow will wait (or not) for cancellation of the activity to be confirmed. Lang should default this to WAIT_CANCELLATION_COMPLETED, even though proto will default to TRY_CANCEL automatically.


Optional headers: null | { [k: string]: IPayload; }

ScheduleLocalActivity headers


Optional localRetryThreshold: null | IDuration

If the activity is retrying and backoff would exceed this value, lang will be told to schedule a timer and retry the activity after. Otherwise, backoff will happen internally in core. Defaults to 1 minute.


Optional originalScheduleTime: null | ITimestamp

If this local activity is a retry (as per the attempt field) this needs to be the original scheduling time (as provided in DoBackoff)


Optional retryPolicy: null | IRetryPolicy

Specify a retry policy for the local activity. By default local activities will be retried indefinitely.


Optional scheduleToCloseTimeout: null | IDuration

Indicates how long the caller is willing to wait for local activity completion. Limits how long retries will be attempted. When not specified defaults to the workflow execution timeout (which may be unset).


Optional scheduleToStartTimeout: null | IDuration

Limits time the local activity can idle internally before being executed. That can happen if the worker is currently at max concurrent local activity executions. This timeout is always non retryable as all a retry would achieve is to put it back into the same queue. Defaults to schedule_to_close_timeout if not specified and that is set. Must be <= schedule_to_close_timeout when set, otherwise, it will be clamped down.


Optional seq: null | number

Lang's incremental sequence number, used as the operation identifier


Optional startToCloseTimeout: null | IDuration

Maximum time the local activity is allowed to execute after the task is dispatched. This timeout is always retryable. Either or both of schedule_to_close_timeout and this must be specified. If set, this must be <= schedule_to_close_timeout, otherwise, it will be clamped down.