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Interface: IDescribeScheduleResponse


Properties of a DescribeScheduleResponse.

Implemented by



Optional conflictToken: null | Uint8Array

This value can be passed back to UpdateSchedule to ensure that the schedule was not modified between a Describe and an Update, which could lead to lost updates and other confusion.


Optional info: null | IScheduleInfo

Extra schedule state info.


Optional memo: null | IMemo

The memo and search attributes that the schedule was created with.


Optional schedule: null | ISchedule

The complete current schedule details. This may not match the schedule as created because:

  • some types of schedule specs may get compiled into others (e.g. CronString into StructuredCalendarSpec)
  • some unspecified fields may be replaced by defaults
  • some fields in the state are modified automatically
  • the schedule may have been modified by UpdateSchedule or PatchSchedule


Optional searchAttributes: null | ISearchAttributes

DescribeScheduleResponse searchAttributes