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Interface: IPollWorkflowExecutionUpdateResponse


Properties of a PollWorkflowExecutionUpdateResponse.

Implemented by



Optional outcome: null | IOutcome

The outcome of the update if and only if the update has completed. If this response is being returned before the update has completed (e.g. due to the specification of a wait policy that only waits on UPDATE_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_ACCEPTED) then this field will not be set.


Optional stage: null | UpdateWorkflowExecutionLifecycleStage

The most advanced lifecycle stage that the Update is known to have reached, where lifecycle stages are ordered UPDATE_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_UNSPECIFIED < UPDATE_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_ADMITTED < UPDATE_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_ACCEPTED < UPDATE_WORKFLOW_EXECUTION_LIFECYCLE_STAGE_COMPLETED. UNSPECIFIED will be returned if and only if the server's maximum wait time was reached before the Update reached the stage specified in the request WaitPolicy, and before the context deadline expired; clients may may then retry the call as needed.


Optional updateRef: null | IUpdateRef

Sufficient information to address this update.