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Interface: IGetWorkerTaskReachabilityRequest


Properties of a GetWorkerTaskReachabilityRequest.

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Optional buildIds: null | string[]

Build ids to retrieve reachability for. An empty string will be interpreted as an unversioned worker. The number of build ids that can be queried in a single API call is limited. Open source users can adjust this limit by setting the server's dynamic config value for limit.reachabilityQueryBuildIds with the caveat that this call can strain the visibility store.


Optional namespace: null | string

GetWorkerTaskReachabilityRequest namespace


Optional reachability: null | TaskReachability

Type of reachability to query for. TASK_REACHABILITY_NEW_WORKFLOWS is always returned in the response. Use TASK_REACHABILITY_EXISTING_WORKFLOWS if your application needs to respond to queries on closed workflows. Otherwise, use TASK_REACHABILITY_OPEN_WORKFLOWS. Default is TASK_REACHABILITY_EXISTING_WORKFLOWS if left unspecified. See the TaskReachability docstring for information about each enum variant.


Optional taskQueues: null | string[]

Task queues to retrieve reachability for. Leave this empty to query for all task queues associated with given build ids in the namespace. Must specify at least one task queue if querying for an unversioned worker. The number of task queues that the server will fetch reachability information for is limited. See the GetWorkerTaskReachabilityResponse documentation for more information.