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Interface: IRespondWorkflowTaskCompletedRequest


Properties of a RespondWorkflowTaskCompletedRequest.

Implemented by



Optional binaryChecksum: null | string

DEPRECATED since 1.21 - use worker_version_stamp instead. Worker process' unique binary id


Optional commands: null | ICommand[]

A list of commands generated when driving the workflow code in response to the new task


Optional forceCreateNewWorkflowTask: null | boolean

Can be used to force creation of a new workflow task, even if no commands have resolved or one would not otherwise have been generated. This is used when the worker knows it is doing something useful, but cannot complete it within the workflow task timeout. Local activities which run for longer than the task timeout being the prime example.


Optional identity: null | string

The identity of the worker/client


Optional messages: null | IMessage[]

Protocol messages piggybacking on a WFT as a transport


Optional meteringMetadata: null | IMeteringMetadata

Local usage data collected for metering


Optional namespace: null | string

RespondWorkflowTaskCompletedRequest namespace


Optional queryResults: null | { [k: string]: IWorkflowQueryResult; }

Responses to the queries field in the task being responded to


Optional returnNewWorkflowTask: null | boolean

If set, the worker wishes to immediately receive the next workflow task as a response to this completion. This can save on polling round-trips.


Optional sdkMetadata: null | IWorkflowTaskCompletedMetadata

Data the SDK wishes to record for itself, but server need not interpret, and does not directly impact workflow state.


Optional stickyAttributes: null | IStickyExecutionAttributes

May be set by workers to indicate that the worker desires future tasks to be provided with incremental history on a sticky queue.


Optional taskToken: null | Uint8Array

The task token as received in PollWorkflowTaskQueueResponse


Optional workerVersionStamp: null | IWorkerVersionStamp

Version info of the worker who processed this task. This message's build_id field should always be set by SDKs. Workers opting into versioning will also set the use_versioning field to true. See message docstrings for more.